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Press Release: Announcing our alliance with PV Racking

We are excited to announce our partnership with PV Racking, a provider of Ground and Pitched Roof racking solutions. From the Press Release:

Working together to provide industry leading solutions for solar installers, PV Racking and SolarDock offer mounting options for most flat roof, pitched roof and ground mount configurations. The racking systems of both companies implement quick and easy installation processes which result in lower labor costs for solar installers.
“This relationship between PV Racking and SolarDock will give our customers an opportunity to select the best racking solution regardless what type of roof they need to work on,” commented PV Racking co-owner Peter Vari.

You can learn more about PV Racking by following them online:


Key Takeaways

  • PV Racking offers ground and pitched roof racking solutions
  • PV Racking and SolarDock will offer each other’s products to their customers

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