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Press Release: SolarDock raises bar for solar racking mechanical strength

SolarDock easily passes proposed UL 2703 Mechanical Load Test

May 14, 2014 –¬†SolarDock has successfully completed the Mechanical Load Tests required in the proposed UL 2703 standard for solar mounting and racking systems. SolarDock?s load ratings far exceed the minimums currently proposed in UL 2703.

The tests, conducted by TUV Rheinland, demonstrate SolarDock’s ability to withstand excessive forces placed on the system, in both the downward and upward direction. The tests were designed to match the mechanical loads used to test solar modules under IEC 61215 and IEC 61646. The SolarDock successfully withstood the following Mechanical Loads:

  • Positive (forces pushing downward on the system): 113 lbs/sf (5400 Pa)
  • Negative (forces pushing upward on the system): 50 lbs/sf (2400 Pa)

“Our goal was to further demonstrate the mechanical strength of the SolarDock product,” says Scott Johnson, Partner at SolarDock. “We didn’t want to just meet the proposed UL 2703 requirements, we wanted to raise the bar for what it means for a racking system to be strong and durable.”

Evaluating the mechanical load capabilities is an important step in selecting a racking system for a solar array. Since the racking supports and secures the solar modules, it should be capable of withstanding the variety of forces placed on it throughout the year, such as high winds and large snow falls.

The results of the recent Mechanical Load tests show that SolarDock’s customers can use the product with full confidence that the racking is built to last.

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Key Takeaways

  • SolarDock’s load ratings exceed minimums proposed by UL2703
  • Tests demonstrate SolarDock’s mechanical strength and durability
  • High Positive Load rating (113 lbs/sf) important for projects in high snow zones
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