Dubuque Municipal Building - 203 kW flat roof pv system

Press Release: SolarDock improves product, lowers pricing

New innovations further improve SolarDock’s flat-roof solar racking.

August 17, 2012 – SolarDock – provider of a unique, patented, solar-panel mounting system for flat-roof & ground installations that requires no penetration of the mounting surface – is proud to report new uses of technology to make a better product at a lower cost to you.

The recently announced modernization of our manufacturing capabilities now enables us to produce premium SolarDock racking with thinner gauge aluminum – reduced from 0.063 to 0.050. The resulting lowered demand for raw material, of course, means greater cost-efficiency.

Another update also has been made in the wind-tunnel testing of the SolarDock performed by engineering firm RWDI. While previous examination of performance focused solely on the impact of wind on the mounting hardware, the impact of building structure is now incorporated in the data.. This expanded analysis provides a more accurate assessment of ballast needs. Thus, SolarDock can provide stability even at the lowest ballast-weights in the industry.

Rest assured, we are not stopping there. Stay tuned for the announcement of other improvements as we prepare for the gathering at Solar Power International 2012 (visit our booth, #4035). In the meantime, keep abreast of our latest developments through facebook.com/solardock and twitter.com/solardock.

The bottom line about your bottom line: SolarDock always has been the leader in high angle performance and long term value. Now, we can offer industry leading savings on an installed cost basis!


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