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Press Release: SolarDock Receives U.S. Patent for Grounding Clip Design

October 23, 2012 – SolarDock, the manufacturer of the premier non-penetrating solar mounting system, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company a patent (No. US D668,214 S) for their Grounding Clip. The patent covers the design of the Grounding Clip, with its dual sided serrations and central mounting hole.

The Grounding Clip is an integral part of SolarDock’sĀ TUV Certified integratedĀ grounding solution. When the solar modules are attached to the SolarDock system, the Grounding Clip bonds modules to the racking by piercing the surface of both panel frames and docks. Made of sturdy 0.030? 304 Stainless Steel, the Grounding Clip was designed with electrical safety in mind, with 400% more “teeth” than other similar grounding solutions on the market.

“Receiving the patent on the Grounding Clip is an important milestone,” says SolarDock partner, Scott Johnson. “It further strengthens the SolarDock product design and will assure installers, owners, and inspectors that all components of the solar system meet SolarDock’s high standards for safety and durability.”


Key Takeaways

  • SolarDock receives U.S. Patent for Grounding Clips
  • Clips are integral part of SolarDock’s TUV Certified integrated grounding solution

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