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PRESS RELEASE: SolarDock announces flat roof solar contracts in Maryland

September 12, 2013, Wilmington, Delaware – SolarDock has been contracted to provide more than 1.2 megawatts of 25-degree tilt systems to two different projects in the “Old Line State”¬†of Maryland. Both projects are expected to be completed this fall.

It is SolarDock’s proven track record of providing safe and reliable flat-roof and ground mounted racking systems that was the deciding factor in securing both projects. Some of SolarDock’s key features that were important to both customers are:

  • High Tilt Angles – The projects will maximize the system’s energy production and financial efficiency by utilizing a 25-degree tilt angle. Higher tilt angles help the solar panels capture more of the sun’s rays throughout the day, resulting in more energy generated for the end user.
  • Low System Weight – Despite the higher tilt angle, the systems are still only averaging between 2.5 and 6 pounds per square foot. In fact, the interior of the system requires no additional ballast, further reducing the point loads across the roof.
  • Commitment to Electrical and Fire Safety¬†SolarDock’s TUV certified integrated grounding and bonding solution provides multiple continuous ground paths, increasing the safety of the system. In addition, every SolarDock system has clear paths between all rows, allowing for un-obstructed movement for Fire Personnel.
  • Minimal Operations and Maintenance Costs – With the SolarDock’s ventilated back, neither system’s owners will have to worry about system or rooftop damage caused by animals, wind bursts, or spalling concrete block. The higher tilt increases the amount that rain helps keep the panels clean, and also allows the system to shed snow during the winter.

Learn more about SolarDock?s commitment to pv safety and durability.


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