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Press Release: SolarDock systems hold strong during Hurricane Sandy

November 14, 2012 –┬áSolarDock announced today that the more than 200 SolarDock systems in the path of Hurricane Sandy withstood the winds and rain, coming through the storm undamaged.

“Hurricane Sandy once again proved that SolarDock customers can be confident that their systems are built to last,” says SolarDock Partner, Ed O’Brien. “We designed SolarDock to be the safest and most durable ballasted racking system on the market and then rigorously tested it to back up our claim. Solar systems are a big investment –┬ácustomers need to be confident that during storms their racking, panels, and building won?t be damaged. SolarDock provides that peace of mind.”

SolarDock’s unique design gives it several advantages over the other ballasted racking systems on the market: the closed back and full frame support protects the solar panels from uplift forces; the lack of rooftop penetrations and metal touching the roof protects the building from roof leaks; and the clear walkways make it easy to inspect and maintain the system and roof after the storm.

Hurricane Sandy is not the first storm to test SolarDock’s durability. SolarDock systems have been installed in hurricane prone areas of the Eastern United States since 2006, undamaged by Hurricanes Sandy, Irene, and countless un-named nor?easters.

Learn more about SolarDock’s commitment to safety and reliability.


Key Takeaways

  • All SolarDock systems in the path of Hurrcane Sandy survived undamaged
  • 200 systems totalling more than 19 MW of SolarDock systems were in Sandy’s path
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